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Body #5: The Hot Hourglass

Celebrity example of an Hourgalss body shape

For my final blog series post on body shapes (#5) I would like to introduce you to the Hot Hourglass figure. Now, I know what you are thinking–this is the shape for women with dramatic curves and well endowed figures. Not entirely.

The Hourglass body type can have many different varieties. A shapely bust and defined waist is the norm, but some hourglass figures have the opposite–curvier lower half and small waist (for this see Pretty Pear as well.)

You are an hourglass if: –Your hips are the same width as your shoulders

–You have a defined waistline, a round bottom 

–You’re generally curvy all over. Your bust line can either be full or average size

Your body looks best when you try to lengthen the neck, so avoid high necklines that constrict the bust area. I’m not saying to flaunt it all, but your bust needs some room to breathe!

Choose garments that accentuate and skim over your curves. Also, play up your waistline with belts or tailored shirts.

V-necks are your best friend! They elongate the neck and show off your waistline. According to “you look fab” by blogger Angie, a rule of thumb is to keep the top relatively simple, smooth and low scooped. You can wear tops with ruffles, pleating and funky detailing, but you’ve got to be careful with their placement.

Steer Clear of: Empire Cuts. These are cuts that are tight around the bust and flow out right below the bustline. They are harder to wear with a fuller bust and they are not cut long enough from shoulder to under bust point.

When looking for a bottom for your figure, make sure you find one that is elongates your lower half. For a way to make sure you are elongating your legline-war pointy-toed shoes with a wide hem.

Now, I hope you have been able to pick a body type that fits you out of my 5-series blog posts the different shapes. Are you an Adorable Apple? A Racy Rectangle? Maybe you are a combination of them, because that is always possible. It is also a possibility to have a primary body type and secondary. Whatever you are, you can refer to some of these guidelines on the best ways to dress your body type or types. 🙂

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Body #4: The Iconic Inverted Triangle

How celebrities style their Inverted Triangle bodies.

We have reached the fourth body type in this 5 series blog and it is the Inverted Triangle. This shape is similar to the Racy Rectangle with some minor distinctions. LIke the Rectangle, Inverted Triangles have relatively lean, long limbs. –The Good news, you are easy to dress..The Bad news–broad shoulders come in many different shapes, so you’ll need to try different ideas to see which shape fits you best.

A characterization for the Inverted Triangle is if you have broad shoulders and slim hips, which creates the shape of an upside down triangle if you stop to think about it. Bust sizes vary for this shape as well.

 What you will need to think about when styling this body type is softening the harsh lines of the shoulders. The fact that volumous shirts and dresses are in right now helps you Triangles out immensely! A flowy dress/shirt is best because it demphasizes your shoulder line and skims over your frame.

For sleeveless wear try to keep it at thicker straps because a spaghetti/thin strap will only extend the shoulder line. Also, like the Racy Rectangles, belts are your friend. Use them to defined your waist and draw attention towards it.

Choose bottoms that also balance out your top half, straight leg jeans or cigarette jeans tend to look betteer than skinnies because they help to balance your look. Any jeans with a boot cut flare will also add volume and a fantastic look for you!

The only real rule when it comes to jeans for Inverted Triangles is that you keep them at a flattering length. So, have fun with your style and just stay away from high-waters!

We have one more body type left in this 5 part series. Stay tuned!

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Body #3: The Racy Rectangle

Welcome to the third in my series of 5 blog posts! The third body type I will be addressing is the rectangle shape. First let me clarify what a rectangle body shape looks like.

Here are a few celebrities with the Racy Rectangle body shape. Take some tips from their dress on how to style your body.

If you are well proportioned, with relativelly lean limbs and a straight waist, you are a racy rectangle. You look naturally athletic, a little boyish in the frame, and tend to have a regular size or small bust.

Ladies who are athletes are usually rectangles.

A Racy Rectangle’s goal when dressing is to define the waist and add curvature to the top and bottom! SO here are some tips on how to do that!

A belt cinching the waist is always flattering on rectangles. It adds a bit of shape to your torso. Belted jackets, trench coats, and coats are always a go-to as well.

Now, lets talk butts. You rectangles have lean limbs so you can get away with wearing pretty much anything you lucky ducks! Most flattering styles are harem pants, high waisted pants/skirts, or pants that taper at the bottom of the leg. These are great for you because they accentuate the waist area and add a little volume where you need it most..butt and legs. 🙂

If you are not a Racy Rectangle, Adorable Apple, or Pretty Pear there is still some hope! We have two body types left in this 5 part series to explore so stay tuned. If you have found your body type embrace it and take some of these tips.

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Body #2: The Pretty Pear

The Pretty Pear is body type number two that I will be focusing on this week. If the width of your torso is smaller than the width of your hips, then you are a Pear.

Pears will want to constantly balance the difference between the top and bottom part of your body. Now, you may not exactly be a Pear shape, but it could be your primary body type with another shape as your secondary. But, underst

Celebrities with Pear Shaped Bodies

anding the guidelines for styling what is closest to your body shape will help you look your best.

Okay, so the key to dressing a Pear shape is to draw the attention upward, demphasizing the bottom part of your body and elongating those legs!

Tips:Waist-defining knit tops, button down shirts.Pears have tiny waists so emphasize that feature!  

If you want to wear a cropped jacket, make sure you wear a long and slimming tank underneath so that it does not stump your figure.

Wearing some sort of heel will also slim down your curves and elongate legs.

Knee length A-line skirts with vertical panel seaming are great. Stay clear of bias-cuts

Steer Clear of: Pairing a tight top with roomier bottoms–this will only accentuate a Pear’s larger lower-half.

Pear shaped women can wear skinnies or straight legs if you match them with A-line tunics, dresses and heels. Belted tunic button down shirts look incredible so be sure to give that look a go.

If you are not sure if you are a Pear or not then try some of these outfits on and see how they work for you! If they look great then you may be a Pear shape, or you just found yourself a new outfit.

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Body #1: The Adorable Apple

I am writing a 5 series blog this week, posting about the 5 body shapes of women. When you are older than the age of 6 it is imperative to recognize your body’s shape and what styles your body looks best in.

So, throughout this week I will post one shape per day, describing what designates the particular shape and which cuts/styles of clothing you should embrace and which ones you should stay away from.

The first shape is the Apple. This body-shape is similar to the fruit. The Apple body shape is characterized by a round and slightly wider waist area. The waistline is a bit undefined, but they’ve still got hips and a butt that are round and full.

This shape is commonly referred to as, the Adorable Apple, so smile all you Apples out there because you are cute. Usually this shape takes custody of petite ladies because of their small features.

Apples should embrace corsets and body-shapers because they can create balance in your look.

Apples should steer clear of volumous shirts and dress. They will not help define your shape at all, they will merely drown you in a sea of fabric and the lack of shape will be even more apparent.

The Apple body type is drawn out on the far left. Also included are three celebrities who know how to style their Apple bodies.

For more information on the Apple body type or if you are wondering if you are an Apple check this site out —

I’m also including a photo I found on Google Images that depicts three celebrities with the Apple body shape and how they style it right.

I found it interesting and helpful. Embrace your shape and learn how to play up your best features!

With love and all things fashion,


Welcome to the year of the Floppy Hat Floppy Hat

Notice! Helloooo! Up and coming trend right here..(Drumroll please)–“The Floppy Hat.”
I am not sure if that is the correct term for this new style but I do know that “it” is hitting runways and stores across America.

A cross between the fedora and sombrero, the floppy hat is incredibly fashionable this year. Get it in a caramel tan or jet black for fall/winter and you are not only sheilding your face from harsh sunrays, but you are also keeping warm!

The wide brim allows you to look mysteriously sexy and maintain functionality that all hats need in order to exist on a woman’s head. Because lets face it ladies, we don’t wear hats just because they look good…There is always an ulterior motive for our head covering choices.

I admit, I still haven’t bought one of these yet because it takes time to style it correctly. Like a fedora, you have to wear it to the right location, at the right time, with the right outfit, or you’ll end up looking horribly frumpy instead of mysteriously sexy.

Like I’ve advised in previous posts, when wearing something loose on top, you always go tight on bottom. The loosest article I would wear with this hat would be a scarf. Please don’t pair it with a chunky is not going to look pretty or sexy..just frumpy. Take my advice and I’m sure you’ll do fine:)

You can find one of these floppy hats at for $12.80. Which is not a bad price for a little piece of style.

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